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Mood Boards, Playtime, and Music Therapy

Mood Boards, Playtime, and Music Therapy

Mood Boards, Playtime, and Music Therapy 1200 723 Hannan Center

Karolen Coleman
Executive Assistant

How are you doing? Are you finding ways to maintain your sanity and have fun during this time of quarantine? How’s your physical and mental health? I’ll admit it – after several weeks of social distancing, it’s becoming a little difficult to come up with positive, fun and healthy ideas to occupy my mind.

While journaling, I created a list of some things that are helping my mental and physical well-being; I thought I’d share them. Hopefully, some of these ideas will help you also.

Writing or Journaling

Writing is inspiring and healing. Each time something moves you and causes you to smile, jot it down. Bullet journaling will make things easier if you’re not sure where to begin. Do this by writing down single words or phrases that come to mind – perhaps list your favorite things, or places to travel. You’ll elaborate on some of the ideas as you’re writing them. Some you will refer back to when a more intentional idea hits you.

Create Mood Boards or Vision Boards

Tap into your creativity by creating artistic layouts of your moods, thoughts and ideas. These are often called mood boards. I have created mood boards that reflect my favorite colors, hobbies and my zodiac sign.

Create a vision board, which is a tangible way to manifest your desires. Collect pictures and phrases cut from magazines, old books and catalogs of various things you want to come to fruition in your life. Affix these cut-outs onto a large poster board or even in a scrapbook. Utilize different themes such as goals for learning something new, cultivating a healthy lifestyle or other personal development and relationship goals.

Playtime – Revisit Pastimes and Hobbies from your Childhood

It’s important to take out time from adulting to play and recollect the carefree times of your childhood – transporting your mind to a happy place. My playtime go-tos are coloring, hula hooping, and playing jacks.

There are many adult coloring books that have been published lately. By searching Amazon.com or any bookseller, you’ll find many themes including mandalas, religion, beauty, and even swear/curse words. There are themes to satisfy everyone. Word finds, crossword puzzles and card games are other mindful things to do alone.

Music Therapy

Put a song in your heart and sing it aloud. Hear it as you move about the day. Make it your theme song. Choose music that transforms you to a fantastic memory, a time where you were surrounded by people you love and you were dancing and having the time of your life. Play the song and dance along. Listen to music that moves you physically – dance wildly in the mirror. Perhaps choose spiritual or worship music that moves your spirit.

There are many DJs playing musical sets on Facebook, YouTube and Instagram. Follow D Nice on Instagram at instagram.com/dnice. He hosts several sets per week and plays feel good music from many genres and eras.

We will be on the other side of this pandemic soon. Let’s do what we can to make sure that we come out of it even better than we were before. We got this!

All the best,