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Age Out Loud is a blog created to explore a variety of topics written by various different writers. We explore topics around aging in place, art, caregiving, current events, and so much more. We will laugh, share stories, reflect on memories, and increase knowledge through learning. Let’s journey together and explore what it means to age out loud.
On a Positive Note 1920 1080 Hannan Center

On a Positive Note

By Virgil Taylor My name is Virgil Taylor, today I’m launching my new segment for the Hannan Center Age Out Loud blog called On a Positive Note. I guess I should probably share a little about myself, and how this endeavor came to be. I’m a native Detroiter, born and raised in the Motor City,…

Purpose – A Prescription for Long Life 1920 1080 Hannan Center

Purpose – A Prescription for Long Life

As we get older, aging can be a tough pill to swallow, particularly if we’re already taking other meds.  Suddenly, you begin wondering if you’ve made any real impact on the world.  Did you leave your mark, or are you just a blip on the radar of history?  And if you made an impact, can…

Broke and Bald? No Problem: Money-Saving Tips for Seniors 1920 1080 Hannan Center

Broke and Bald? No Problem: Money-Saving Tips for Seniors

As we age, we all want to save money wherever we can, especially on a fixed income. But, with the price of everything rising almost as fast as my hairline is receding, I know I don’t want to be broke AND bald. That’s why I’ve compiled a list of some financial hacks that senior citizens…

Talking Art & Survival with Richard Phillips and Vincent Tilford 1920 1080 Hannan Center

Talking Art & Survival with Richard Phillips and Vincent Tilford

Richard Phillips was a Detroit high-school dropout who was sent to prison at age 26 for a murder he did not commit. No galleries, no art fairs, only fellow inmates would see the art of America’s longest-serving inmate to win exoneration after 45 years in prison. With few choices in prison, Richard became an avid…

Driving While Old 1920 1080 Hannan Center

Driving While Old

We all swim against time and the riptides of our genetics, lifestyle, and environment.  Any one of these variables, and indeed any combination, can drag us out to sea.  It can be a struggle, particularly when it comes to the activities we engage in that help maintain our independence.  However, no matter how old we…

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