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Life has been a little overwhelming for everyone lately…

Life has been a little overwhelming for everyone lately…

Life has been a little overwhelming for everyone lately… 1000 562 Hannan Center

by Daniel Horrigan, LLMSW

For many, the new year provides an opportunity for self -reflection, goal setting, resolutions, and positive change. In 2021 this might seem more challenging. Many of us have not “shaken off” 2020 and are still experiencing the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic. We’re still isolating and we’re still trying to stay safe. As we take care of ourselves and our community, some may be experiencing loneliness, fear, grief, and extreme worry.

A lot of these experiences and emotions can be overwhelming and may interfere with our daily activities, impacting our quality of life and our outlook. When we feel very lonely, worried, or sad, it is challenging to engage in activities we once enjoyed such as cooking, reading, or even enjoying a favorite TV program. When feeling down some may find they are less likely to call loved ones. These unpleasant feelings can also make performing important tasks seem particularly difficult such as cleaning, doing the dishes and laundry or even making the bed. Loneliness, worry, and fear also may result in less exercise and physical activity which can make a person feel even more down and tired.

The good news is there is help. For anybody age 60 or over that may be feeling this way, Hannan Center is here for you. Older adults experiencing loneliness, worry, fear or sadness can meet with a Hannan team member to help find motivation, set goals, accomplish tasks, and experience each day as life worth living. This can safely be done with those interested by phone or video chat. Those interested can contact Daniel Horrigan at 313-908-0183 or [email protected].

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