Hannan Center

Contact Information

The HannanCenter telephone number is (313) 833-1300 and fax (313) 831-4955. Extension numbers for staff are listed below. 

Vincent Tilford

Executive Director, Ext. 17

Ericka Bryant

Administrative Assistant, Ext. 11

Finance & Human Resources

Vincent Grzywacz

Chief Administrative Officer, Ext. 26

Fund Development and Marketing

Tara Franey

Director of Development and Communications, Ext. 20

Arts & Culture

Misha Stallworth

Director of Arts & Culture, Ext. 25

Pat Baldwin

Director of Beyond U and Volunteer Services, Ext. 15

Social Work

Stacey Molinaro, LMSW

Director of Social Work,
ext. 18

Renee Venable, LMSW

Next Shift Program Coordinator,
ext. 38

Hannan Center Hours
Monday through Friday
9:00 am- 5:00 pm



PRESIDENT:  N. Charles Anderson
VICE PRESIDENT:  Kathleen Graham
SECRETARY:  Marcia Baum
TREASURER:  Deborah Brouwer


Beverly Burns
Honorable Freddie Burton
Randal Charlton
Ruth Dunkle
Lenora Hardy Foster
Evan Ho
Thomas Jankowski
Jennifer Jennings
Mary Meyer Neff
Jason Paulateer
Kevin Tolbert