Hannan Center

Contact Information

The HannanCenter telephone number is (313) 833-1300 and fax (313) 831-4955. Extension numbers for staff are listed below. 

Vincent Tilford

Executive Director, Ext. 17

Finance & Human Resources

Vincent Grzywacz

Chief Administrative Officer, Ext. 26

Fund Development and Marketing

Tara Franey

Director of Development and Communications, Ext. 20

Arts & Culture

Pat Baldwin

Director of Beyond U and Volunteer Services, Ext. 15

Social Work

Stacey Molinaro, LMSW

Director of Social Work,
ext. 18

Hannan Center Hours
Monday through Friday
9:00 am- 5:00 pm



PRESIDENT:  N. Charles Anderson
VICE PRESIDENT:  Kathleen Graham
SECRETARY:  Marcia Baum
TREASURER:  Deborah Brouwer


Beverly Burns
Honorable Freddie Burton
Randal Charlton
Ruth Dunkle
Lenora Hardy Foster
Evan Ho
Thomas Jankowski
Jennifer Jennings
Mary Meyer Neff
Jason Paulateer
Kevin Tolbert